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Ever wonder how to get our delicious and oh so fresh beer straight from the taproom and into your living room or backyard? Here at Tapped DraftHouse & Kitchen we have a variety of BEER TO-GO options. Fill up a crowler or growler by bringing one in or purchasing one at Tapped. See the variety of bottles and cans we have available in order to create your own six-pack or place a special keg order for a full or half-keg.  Don’t leave empty handed!


Growlers are 32 ounce or 64 ounce to-go beer containers that are purged with CO2 and then filled with draft beer.  Bring your own, or purchase one of ours. Beer from your growler is best consumed within 24 – 72 hours. Think of it as buying a sealed container of beer to-go that you can open and share with your friends. When you empty your growler, rinse it thoroughly with warm soapy water, and let it air dry. Your growler is now ready for reuse! Come on back to Tapped and we will fill your growler back up.

This container is a large 32 ounce can that is filled with beer and sealed in our taproom. You pick the beer you want, we fill it. The can is sanitized, purged with CO2, then filled and sealed right in front of you. We use a special canning machine to seal a lid onto the can.  Crowlers have a longer shelf life than growlers due to the canning process, and they are designed to get you freshly canned draft beer to-go for any occasion. Crowler cans themselves are just a $1 each, but if you buy a 3-pack, all the cans are FREE and they come with an easy to hold 3-pack carrier.

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